[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Inhumane fight against fowl ailment

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Inhumane fight against fowl ailment

In the Dec. 22 issue of JoongAng Daily, there was a photo with the caption, “Health officials burying ducks alive in Eumseong yesterday as bird flu continues to spread in the area.”
Did I read this correctly? Could this be a typo? Surely there must be a more civilized and humane way to stop the spread of this particular infection.
Now I’m not saying that the birds should remain alive. If there is a real threat to the human population, then of course one must take steps. But burying them alive?
Isn’t that a bit extreme? Is it to save money? Time? I think maybe the push for efficiency has gone a bit too far.
My intent here is not to wax self-righteous about the plight of animals. I am not here to argue against their death. I simply want one good justifiable reason why the authorities felt it necessary to take such extreme measures to do so. If one can be provided, I will gladly concede.

by Molly Whitaker

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