[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Continuing an ‘age-old blood libel’?

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Continuing an ‘age-old blood libel’?

In the middle of his column, “Stay the knife and spare the boy” (Dec. 29), Kim Dai-sik made two highly offensive comments; one contains a dangerous stereotype about Jews; the other belittles two of the world’s most respected religions. I hope Mr. Kim will be given the chance to amplify or clarify these two statements. He deserves the chance to set the record straight.
First, Mr. Kim wrote, “Jews say that their financial and political power in the United States saved the tradition of male circumcision from being branded an infringement of human rights.” This suggests that, stripped of their power and money, Jews would stand accused of infringement upon the human rights of the newly-born, and that this infringement currently occurs without arousing public outcry.
Does Mr. Kim intend to imply that rich and powerful Jews do violate human rights, or is he simply unaware that he is parroting a novel variation of an age-old blood libel?
Second, at the end of the article, Kim wrote, “Knowing the historical and medical background of circumcision would save children from this regrettable tradition.” Kim would do well to practice doing a bit more research before he publishes again. He certainly needs to be reminded that in Genesis 17:10-11, God says to Abraham: “Every man child among you shall be circumcised. It shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.” Kim’s “regrettable tradition” is the cornerstone of Judaism, and was first practiced, at God’s command, by one of the most important prophets of Islam. Does Mr. Kim actually regard central precepts of these two religions as “regrettable”? I would like to see his reply.

by Ivon Katz
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