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[EDITORIALS]Job creation is job No. 1

The most urgent task for us this year is job creation. From the president to businessmen and students, it seems that no one objects to this. If we are so sure of the goal, we have to concentrate our national force on it and exert our best efforts to achieve it. We are now tired of only talking about job creation and economic recovery. This is time to take action. If we do not, there may be no more chances for us.
How can we create jobs? It will be possible when we can give assurances to businessmen that they can do business here. In order to open the minds of businessmen, transparency in the economy must be secured. We must dissolve the uneasiness of investors that prevents them from making decisions.
More than anything else, politics must be changed. If businessmen feel uneasy and see no vision for the future, how can they decide to invest here? The prosecution’s investigation of presidential election funds must be finished as soon as possible. Only after that can our business community compete in the world without being distracted by domestic affairs. The president should be discreet in making remarks about business. One word can freeze the whole business community.
Labor-management relations are another issue that cannot be postponed. Who would dare to do business in a climate where workers with red headbands occupy factories and fight against businessmen? How can we induce foreigners to invest here if we are scorned in the world? Labor should not commit the mistake of making their children’s future gloomy, not to mention their own prospects, by sticking to their immediate collective interests.
The role of the government is also important. Instead of harassing businessmen with bureaucratic superiority and complicated legal provisions, civil servants must work hard to to find ways to help industrialists. We suggest that the president and economic cabinet ministers watch working-level civil servants to see how they harrass business people. Punish those who hold the legs of businessmen. Then the whole world of civil servants will change.
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