[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]This year’s elections must be clean ones

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]This year’s elections must be clean ones

I was reading your article written on Tuesday, 100 days before the 17th legislative elections, when I remembered that the National Election Commission had proclaimed this year as the year to “cure” our politics.
Actually, everyone in Korea wants a clean, fair election, but when election season comes around, all we read in the news disappoints us again. In the past, there were dark times when we were not even allowed to voice our opinions, let alone vote. Then there were times when our history was stained with corruption in financial and political circles. Illegal presidential campaign funds are still a problem. These events have made the people lack confidence and become indifferent about voting.
We should renew our pledge. Elections are not conducted by politicians. Everyone must participate in selecting the people who will work for us. We must keep our eyes wide open and our wits about us. The media, civil groups, and voters must all continue surveillance of illegal acts. I hope this year, we will be able to laugh heartily after a successful election.

by Kim Sang-cheol
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