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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Don’t waste food

Our ancestors always stressed the value of food to the extent that there was a popular saying that you will “starve in the other world if you throw out food.” Adults who threw out food recklessly could not become good parents, they said.
Despite our ancestors’ admonition, the amount of food wasted in our neighborhood increases after holidays or at New Year’s, every year. Everyone gives gifts of fruit or meat, and recipients of the gifts make more food than everyone can eat. In the end, the leftovers go bad and have to be thrown out. I am sure this is the same thing that will happen this year as well.
We should be wise and prepare just the right amount of food for the holidays. We should also rethink the idea that we must give food as gifts at New Year’s. This year, I suggest we give young children gift certificates that they can use to buy books or see movies and give elderly people books on health or something like that. This will protect the environment and may help us think about the true meaning of the holidays.

by Roh Deok-im
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