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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]How to deal with disputes

Korea is currently engaged in a number of historical disputes, such as the Tokto islet and the Goguryeo controversy. which have been highly publicized.
What should be asked to Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi: “Haven’t you had enough?” Korea has documented evidence and maps from centuries ago that prove Tokto has always belonged to Korea.
Additionally, at this time, there’s a Korean defense team guarding the island, and it’s ridiculous to claim a land when there’s nobody from your nation living on it. In this case, Korea has been doing a great job protecting her interest.
Secondly, about the Goguryeo controversy, I am bewildered by the outrageousness of the Chinese government’s claim.
It seems that superpower wannabe China wants to use its newfound economic authority to change history so it could later benefit them in some way.
Since history is important to a country’s future, we Koreans should prevent the country from being deprived of our history and future benefits.
The U.N. hasn’t made its decision yet, so we should not give up hope and make sure our voices are heard.
I participated in a petition on the Internet. It was simple and easy and took only a minute. Even though it was a small effort, I hope it helps in some way.
Another thing I did was to talk about the issues with my friends.
I thought that bringing up the issues would break the flow of our conversation, but the opposite occurred. My friends were actually interested and expressed their interest in signing the petition as well.
I recommend that others participate in saving our history and land. It doesn’t matter if the effort is small or big. It’s the concern and care that matters.

by Woo Ji-Hae
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