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[EDITORIALS]Can’t anyone compromise?

The impeachment of the president, a joint effort by the Grand Nationals and the Millennium Democrats, is about to take place. The Millennium Democratic Party has announced that it will push for the impeachment if President Roh Moo-hyun does not apologize for his violation of elections laws and promise not to do it again, and the Grand National Party has agreed to join in the move. The Blue House has refused to apologize, saying the move is a political offensive aiming at the legislative elections. If this fiasco continues at this rate, we will have a head-on collision of life-or-death.
Everyone is obstinately sure that he or she is the only one who is right. Nowhere can we find the art of compromise and negotiation. There are only strategies to damage the opponents to win the general election. With a little more than a month left, the parties seem determined to risk the danger of ruining the nation.
If either side has any ounce of concern for the future of the nation, they should come back to their senses. Mr. Roh must understand clearly the will of the people. In a JoongAng Ilbo survey, 61 percent said the president should apologize to the people and promise no recurrences. The president is in the supreme position of upholding the law and keeping the elections fair. If the president were to ignore the decision of the National Election Commission, a constitutional institution, which candidates would uphold election laws?
The opposition parties must also seriously reconsider whether impeachment is the only resort. Is the president’s statement in support of Our Open Party in a news conference such a grave problem as to suspend his authority? Even some opposition party members are against the idea.
The Grand Nationals can’t deny that it is partly a strategy to deflect attention from prosecution’s investigation into illegal campaign funds, and the Millennium Democrats are also in need of a distraction to turn around their declining support rate.
The president and the opposition parties should end their power plays right now. Mr. Roh should apologize and promise to stop violating election laws, and the opposition should use prudence in impeachment. All sides should be patient and await the people’s midterm judgement in the legislative elections.
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