[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]A shameful power grab

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]A shameful power grab

There it was on CNN for the whole world to see. With the grace and poise of a professional wrestling program, elected politicians acting like babies ― yes, babies ― without a sense of shame or showing any foresight on the consequences of such imbecilic behavior.
These policymakers, whether Uri, MDP or GNP, should follow the mandate of the people, and the people have shown time and time again through polls that impeachment is unpopular and unacceptable.
The attempt to oust President Roh has everything to do with regaining the power of the presidency and nothing to do with election law violations or the will of the public. These shameful lawmakers should stop embarrassing themselves, the President and the Korean people. They should stop serving themselves and start serving the people. Their plot should not fool the public. They shed crocodile tears and nothing more.

by Scott Fallis
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