[EDITORIALS]Iraq must be stabilized soon

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[EDITORIALS]Iraq must be stabilized soon

With the ongoing turmoil in Iraq, the world is worried about what might happen there. Many civilian lives have already been lost in the conflict between Shiite fighters and the U.S. and coalition forces at places such as Fallujah. While public resentment over the aggressive tactics of the U.S. forces is rising steadily, the union of previously cooperative Shiite groups and parts of the Iraqi military and police forces have started to join the anti-American fighting.
Although it has been a year since the invasion of Baghdad, the stability of Iraq still poses a big question. And the physical and political burden on the United States and coalition is getting heavier. For the United States there is a chance that the situation in Iraq might turn into a second Vietnam War.
By all means we must find a solution to the current volatile situation. Before we assign blame, we must realize that if the situation in Iraq is not handled properly, the vicious cycle of violence will spread to the whole country, resulting in a bloody civil war. The most important thing is to establish a stable environment. In addition, the absence of public order that has resulted in looting and the kidnapping of civilians has to be immediately stopped.
Some hold the view that the coalition forces should get out of Iraq, but if the coalition forces withdraw from Iraq without restoring order, the situation will get even worse and the possibility of civil war will increase.
Korea, which is awaiting its troop deployment, certainly hopes that the situation will be stabilized. The United States and the coalition must focus their effort on stabilizing the situation by cooperating with representative Iraqi forces on a democratization schedule and the transfer of sovereign authority. Furthermore, the United States must throw away its arrogance of unilateralism and appeal to the United Nations and the international community for a more active role, since the war against terror cannot be carried out alone.
Instead of criticizing the United States only, the UN and the international community should show their will to resolve the Iraqi situation through cooperation. The birth of a widely supported legitimate Iraqi government is the sole method of removing the threat to the stability of the Middle East and the world.
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