[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]No need for U.S. forces on a reunited peninsula

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]No need for U.S. forces on a reunited peninsula

The United States Forces in Korea have protected South Korea for 50 years. With the security fence erected by the U.S., South Korea was able to achieve rapid economic development, a phenomenal accomplishment often referred to as “the miracle on the Han River.” However, to insist on the need for the U.S. troops even after the reunification of Korea seems irrational.
Those who support the presence of the U.S. troops in the post-unification era are mostly conservatives. Conservatives believe that to demand the withdrawal of U.S. troops after all they have done for us is an ungrateful thing to do. Yet the truth is that the United States would have no reason to stay, for a unified Korea would be capable of replacing it as the balancer of power in the Northeast Asia region. Prospects for an integrated Korea are very promising.
Overall, North Korea and South Korea rank fifth and sixth in military prowess. Combined, the military capacity of a united Korea would be greatly enhanced. Possibly, Korea might exceed Japan, China, Russia and even catch up with the United States, currently the invincible military power. If the comparatively abundant resources and cheap labor North Korea offers go hand in hand with South Korea’s high- technology and relatively robust economy, a unified Korea would be headed straight toward the top. Farewell U.S. troops, and welcome North Korea.

by Yuna Park
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