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[EDITORIALS]Calm down, candidates

Korea’s election campaign is overly charged with emotion. Leaders and candidates of political parties are taking extreme measures to appeal to voters’ emotions. The early stage of the election campaign began with tears, a penance of three steps and one bow, and deep bows. Emotional politics have now led to hunger strikes, head shaving and barefoot campaigning activities on the streets.
We do not understand the reasons, nor is the justification for such acts convincing. A couple of days before the election, the ruling party’s chairman abruptly began a hunger strike. We don’t understand why he is doing it, and what he is protesting. He seems to believe that his behavior will attract votes for his party. How can he possibly look down upon the voters this way? He seems to beg for votes. His action is nothing more than a political show. To some people, there were cases that could be considered threats.
What lies beneath such overly emotional campaigning is the self-righteous arrogance that the candidates’ rivals are all wrong. Words and actions that cannot be said or done without the strong conviction that “I am good and you are evil” are overflowing. It is a contradiction that a person who tries to measure the world with a rigid yardstick of good and evil customized to his own standard intends to participate in politics, because politics aim at finding a compromise to resolve conflicting interests.
The public is also responsible for the politicians’ drama. Politicians believe that the public is easy prey for such emotional stimulation, causing a vicious circle. Emotion without cold logic is only sentiment. Instead of paying attention to the tears and political show, voters must thoroughly think about a candidate’s policies, promises and qualifications. That is the only way to elect lawmakers to represent us properly for the next four years.
Overly emotional election campaigning is undesirable for the future of our nation. Where will this country go if impromptu reactions are made to pending issues, rather than careful deliberations? How can this nation possibly take root in the ground, if the entire country is floating on excess emotion? We need the cold and wise judgment of the people most urgently.
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