[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Watch those pineapples

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Watch those pineapples

Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to get your hands on imported fruit.
Big markets as well as small shops all carry them. Nevertheless, I think we do not really know the benefits or the negative side of eating tropical fruits. In case of pineapple, we are getting a healthy dose of vitamin C. Nevertheless, the strong acid that comes with it is quite dangerous to pregnant women, resulting in the birth of abnormal children. In Malaysia, concentrated pineapple has been used for abortion purposes. Isn’t that quite surprising?
Many pregnant women long for the acid flavor. Without knowing what a pineapple could do to them, pregnant women are exposed to grave dangers. Every store that carries pineapples should post a warning sign. It’s a simple way to prevent miscarriages. That goes as well for traditional Korean food about which the younger generation may not know that much.
Job’s tears and cinnamon are good for blood circulation but are at the same time dangerous to pregnant women.
Stores that carry such food items need to warn the consumers. In the United States there was a case in which a grandmother sued a coffee shop for not writing a warning message on a cup that the contents were hot.
As a result, she received millions of dollars in damages.
We may not go to such an extreme length, but in order to protect new life we should do the minimum at least.
Strong monitoring by related government agencies is needed.

by Kim Sung-hwan
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