[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Article on Sikhs was wrong

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Article on Sikhs was wrong

I would like to bring to your attention a very ill-researched article by a very poorly informed writer. I am talking about an article published by your paper on May 21 under the headline, “A stereotype overcome as a Sikh leads.” I have found the following things highly objectionable:
The writer calls Sikhism a unique religion, which it very rightly is. But the writer goes on to say that it is a combination of Islam and Hinduism. That is very self-contradictory and reflects the poor intelligence and reasoning of the writer. Sikhism is unique and it is not in any way an offspring of any religion.
The writer offends every Sikh by saying that Muslims “created” Sikhism. Nothing could be further from truth than this statement. We regard every religion equally, but attributing the birth of Sikhism to Islam is very wrong.
Your writer claims that “Today Sikhism is considered a sect of Hinduism.” Now from where did he dream this up? Can we know who consider Sikhs to be a sect of Hinduism? I know no Sikh who considers this and no Sikh would ever do that. Sikhism is a distinct, unique, separate religion which has its own identity and structure. Even the Constitutional Review Committee under a retired Supreme Court judge, M. N. Venkatachalayia of India, confirmed that Sikhism is a different and a separate religion from Hinduism and recommended pending changes in Article 25, Clause 2 of the Indian Constitution.
The writer writes: “As a result of religious oppression and resistance, the Sikhs turned hostile.” Sikhs never turned hostile against anyone for their personal or even communal reasons. History stands as testimony to the fact that Sikhs fought against the oppression of mankind and lived for the service of the downtrodden and never for their personal reasons.
All the Sikh symbols are worn by Sikhs, who consider them as a part and parcel of their body and soul, and they were not worn to “pledge to revenge the killing of their Guru”. The Sikh articles of faith have a much larger spiritual and temporal meaning which your writer could not comprehend or did not bother to study.
Please allow me to say that that article has hurt every Sikh heart in the world. Sikhism is the world’s fifth largest religion and we are very sorry to read such an article.
Some strong action must be taken against this person who brings bad name to your esteemed publication.

by Sikh Singh
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