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[EDITORIALS]The revival is disappointing

The politics of President Roh Moo-hyun has shown since he was reinstated are disappointing. Look at what has happened since he came back.
First, he attempted a cabinet change ignoring the principles of the Constitution, which led to the resignation of the prime minister. The current cabinet is managed by the acting prime minister. In addition to that, three ministers who are scheduled to be dismissed will have to spend the next month as “human vegetables.” We do not believe the ministers and their staff can work properly for the remainder of their terms.
But the biggest trouble the Roh administration caused is probably the dispute concerning Kim Hyuk-kyu, whom it wants as the next prime minister. Even inside the ruling Our Open Party, some are opposed to Mr. Roh’s move to designate Mr. Kim as the new prime minister. The Grand National Party has bitter feelings toward Mr. Kim, who deserted it and defected to the ruling party. The Democratic Labor Party is also opposed to Mr. Kim. Thus, whether Mr. Kim will survive the National Assembly appointment hearing and confirmation vote is a matter of speculation. If some political mishaps take place during the appointment process of Mr. Kim, then issues concerning our economy and the livelihood of people will be ignored again.
Mr. Roh is not entirely to blame, of course. The June 5 by-elections are causing political confrontations, and the Blue House’s role in negotiating with the National Assembly and politicians has decreased with the abolition of the Blue House’s political secretariat.
But Mr. Roh should think about whether his obstinacy and self-righteousness aggravated the political situation. Prime Minister Goh Kun’s resignation came due to the Blue House’s arbitrary interpretation of the Constitution and the prime minister’s role in naming a cabinet.
Mr. Roh now will have to review the principles of the Constitution and engage in dialogue with our political circles. If he enforces his plan thinking, “The one who appoints a new prime minister is the president. And the ruling party is the majority party in the National Assembly,” that would not be the “politics of reconciliation” he said he would promote in the rest of his term.
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