[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Saving gas, saving nerves

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Saving gas, saving nerves

As a country without any petroleum natural resources, the oil price increase has had a negative impact on Korea.
The increase in gas prices has made it hard for people to drive to work. Many employees now take the shuttle buses provided by their companies or public transportation to save gas money. In some cases, it takes an hour longer to take public transpiration for some people to come and go to one’s destination, but it can save around 5,000 won ($4) a day or 150,000 won a month.
However, many people have pointed out that there are many problems with the public transportation system, and the exclusive bus lane system more specifically.
The purpose of the exclusive bus lanes was to provide comfortable transportation service with less traffic. But a lot of automobiles illegally drive in the exclusive bus lanes, and cars waiting to make a right turn at intersections and two-wheel vehicles that seem to be performing stunts make it difficult for buses to drive smoothly within the exclusive bus lanes.
These things all increase the possibility of a vehicle accident and increase the level of terror for bus passengers.
Instead of focusing on merely saving gasoline, Korea needs to improve the current public transportation system so that people can ride buses and taxis in a safer and more comfortable environment.

by Jung Dong-gu
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