[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]An apology for a murder

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]An apology for a murder

Personally and also in the place of many Iraqis, I apologize to the Korean government and the people for the death of Kim Sun-il. Iraqi citizens are saddened and furious at the death of an innocent civilian. It is not the Iraqi people that committed these unforgivable acts. The actions of the terrorist group perpetrated the crime are also not related to Iraq and Islam in anyway.
As a result of the recent incident, Muslims and Iraqis will be viewed with suspicion. But the people of Iraq did not commit the brutal act.
Islam requires its followers to act in a moral manner conduct and reject wrongdoing. Those that have done evil cannot die for Islam. Also, those who committed the murder do not represent the Iraqis who treat visitors with respect and help out those in need. I cannot hide my shock at the barbaric way in which Mr. Kim was killed and I grieve for him and his family. He was more than just a Korean national. Mr. Kim was my pupil and he was like my son. My family and I loathe the cruelty that goes against my religion and conscious. I also extend my deepest sorrows to his family who is going under extreme pain with the loss of their child.
I hope this incident will not affect the friendship the two countries share. The Iraqi people love the Koreans who have stayed by our side during difficult times and continuously provided support in all areas.

by Mona Kairi
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