[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Terrorism, the U.S. and Iraq

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Terrorism, the U.S. and Iraq

Korea was shocked by the news of the beheading of Kim Sun-il. The Korean government firmly rejected the terrorists’ demands not to send troops to Iraq.
Though it was rational for the government not to be shaken by the demands of the terrorists, the hasty promulgation of its decision was not appropriate at that time. It should have at least tried to buy some time to pacify the anger of those Iraqi terrorists by saying that Korea would reconsider dispatching more troops.
It is very saddening to see the reality that terrorists are not willing to negotiate peacefully with us but will continue their merciless plans to destroy everything the United States is trying to establish in Iraq.
The terrorists of Iraq do not hate Koreans. If they do, it is all because of their rapidly arising anti-American sentiments that they wish to destroy allies of the United States as well. They do not want democracy. They want the U.S. plan in Iraq to end up a fiasco. They want the entire world to blame the United States and detest it for its unilateral, selfish foreign policy that has bred today’s chaos in Iraq.
I don’t blame the Iraqis. I’m not justifying their violent actions of taking innocent people’s lives. But the pivotal reason for today’s chaotic situation in Iraq is the U.S.’s fault.
It waged war against Iraq without the authorization of the United Nations and created chaos with grave violations of human rights in Abu Ghraib prison.

by Kim Ji Young
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