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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Focus on terrorism

Panic and sadness have overwhelmed South Korean people since Kim Sun-il became a victim of terrorism. Accordingly, most people are eager to manipulate the mood, blaming the government ― the Foreign Ministry in particular ― saying that it should have blocked the tragic death.
This trend, however, seems unreasonable; it should be preceded by the formulation of an overall policy to cope with terrorism. After all, the most important reason for Kim Sun-il’s death, regardless of the current dogfight concerning “who got the kidnap information when,” was terrorism ― which now threatens the security of the world.
In this respect, we should learn some lessons from the U.S. government in regard to its sound and legitimate approach to the 9/11 attacks. The responsibility issue, which looks like our main concern right now, came only after a year in which the government devoted every effort to strengthening overall national security.
From the beginning, the government and people have united in fighting against terrorism and have announced it as a top national concern. Not only have they tried to arrest the remaining al-Qaeda villains in the country, but have also taken measures to block people suspected of being terrorists from coming into the land and to freeze their financial assets.
Likewise, the top priority in preventing another Kim Sun-il case is being ready for possible terrorism, especially for South Korean soldiers and residents of Iraq, rather than debating a messy responsibility issue. Haven’t we already wasted enough energy on that? Preparing strong safety measures for South Korean soldiers and overseas Koreans should be our top concerns.

by Kim Byeong-ho
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