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[EDITORIALS]Just stop causing trouble

A sense of desperateness pervades the nation like a fog. People are asking whether politicians, including the president, are thinking about the country’s future.
They are also wondering that if the politicians were going to do such a bad job, why did they try to win the people’s votes? If they were aware of the people’s sentiment in any way, and if they loved the country even a little, they would not be acting the way they are now.
People are slowly losing hope in life. Everywhere you turn, voices of despair and anxiety are heard. We hear them, but why can’t the politicians hear them? Why do the governing leaders not see the people’s pain? It seems that they are too busy with their power games to hear the moans and groans of the public.
Why does a nation exist? Why do we have politics, and what is a government? People in this nation have gone beyond disappointment and are angry.
The president and the governing party talk of the future, but their hands and feet are busy digging into matters that date back 30, 60, or 100 years ago. They seem to be acting on the belief that the right to interpret history is a hard-earned right.
They are dividing up the nation with a strategy that rests on the assumption that they are good, and anyone that opposes them is evil.
The opposition party is no better. Initially, the opposition vowed to work and save the nation if the governing party refused to do so. But after taking a few nasty hits, the opposition has jumped right back into the mudslinging fray. There is none of the win-win politics and work to better people’s lives, which was promised by the opposition leaders.
The situation has worsened to the point where people are growing anxious about the fundamentals. Even the low-income people are worrying not about their wallets but about the country’s direction, whether it will stay on the course of a market economy and democracy. Faith in the future of the nation is shaken, and confusion only gets worse.
On numerous occasions in the past, we have asked the politicians to stop the fighting and attend to the economy. But our pleas have been falling on deaf ears.
This time, we are merely asking them to not make a fuss. We are not expecting anything great from them. Just don’t cause more trouble.
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