[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Blame bad music, not users

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]Blame bad music, not users

It amazes me that the music industry wants to blame P2P [peer-to-peer file sharing], the Internet, Bugs Music for dwindling music sales. At my age, I’m the last generation of the LP era and saw the transition from LP to CD in high school. Back then, waiting for the next LP from an artist was like a big event, and we would try to catch the artist in concert to get a glimpse of what the next album might be like based on the previews they would give us. They also signed artists who paid their dues by playing in clubs and had a following and honed their craft of playing live.
Nowadays, you have so-called “talents” who are signed based on their looks or their parents’ connections.
When you buy their albums, only one or two songs are good (oh, that’s right, they’re not songwriters like back then). Why waste 10,000-plus won for one or two songs?
Kim Gun-mo and Cho Sung-mo are talented singers, but their first to latest CDs all sound the same, so why buy No. 9 when it’s the same as No. 1?
So if they want to make money, make good music and target the people with the money (25-year-olds and up). I hope they come to their senses.

by Kang Joon
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