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[EDITORIALS]Mr. President, please be wise

The speech President Roh Moo-hyun will deliver at the National Assembly today is critically important: It will declare his government’s position on the Constitutional Court’s ruling that the law for the transfer of the capital city was unconstitutional. Although the speech will be read by Prime Minister Lee Hai-chan instead of the president in person, and although the Grand National Party has expressed an intention to boycott it, its significance is undiminished.
Why? Simply this: The government position introduced in the speech will most likely decide the direction that the administration will take from now on.
Depending on President Roh’s decision, our politics could move in the direction of cooperation ― or could veer down the opposite path. And this decision will influence not only politics, but also the economy and the country’s well-being as a whole.
A plan to resolve the current political confusion is needed. It is especially important that the president state ― explicitly ― that he accepts the court’s ruling. He must realize how detrimental it would be to the state of our nation if he, as the foremost upholder of the constitution, declares war on the Constitutional Court, the body responsible for constitutional rulings.
The president’s influence over his party is immense. This was more than evident in the bid to abolish the National Security Law and the expansion of investigations into the past. Without a clear signal from President Roh, the Blue House, the government, and the Uri Party will be unable to reach a consensus on how to deal with the cancellation of the transfer plans.
If the governing party rallies around the president, the situation can be easily solved. The Grand National Party has vowed to cooperate fully with the government’s efforts to promote more balanced regional development once the president shows he is determined to uphold the constitution.
However, if Uri goes in the opposite direction, the country will be disappointed. If the party attempts to either revise the constitution or pursue a national referendum, and if it in any way attempts a “head-on approach” by trying to link the transfer plan to the political fate of this administration, it should expect fierce resistance. It is also undesirable for any party to interpret the Constitutional Court’s ruling politically. We hope for a wise decision from President Roh.
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