[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]English teaching, TV shows keep body and soul intact

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]English teaching, TV shows keep body and soul intact

I wanted to thank you for putting a spotlight on western actors here in Korea. Its really good to know people here care enough to write about us. I also work on “Surprise” ― I’m that long haired white guy.
Sometimes it’s difficult for Westerners like us that are caught in the web of the whole English teacher day job thing and trying to do what we really want.
My hope is to still be there when the novelty wears off.
Music is what I care about; it’s my life. It’s why I came to Korea. I had a simple plan to achieve my goal.
First teach English and save money.
Second, find a place to get my face on television, which I did.
Third, to meet talented producers/musicans to collaborate with, produce and perform in Korea. I’m still calmly waiting for my chance at that.
It is true that Westerners don’t have much legal space to do whatever we wish here in Korea, but I am doing my best to show Korea that I have more to offer than just those silly roles on “Surprise.”
I have two bands in Korea. One is the live band that I play in called the “Jja Jung Na Band” (that’s the Korean word for “annoying,” but I didn’t make up the name).
Each member is from a different country so it gives the band a different kind of spice.
We play live concerts in Suwon, Seoul and Anyang.
Silvercord, my studio project band, plays electronica, alternative ambient, space rock: shoegazer stuff that’s really not popular in Korea, but hopefully could be.
This band is just me in my recording studio, but I hope it turns out to be more than that.

by Geoff Nostrant
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