[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]North’s children need help

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]North’s children need help

Winter is almost upon us, and people are beginning to mention how cold it is in the mornings.
I wonder how the children in North Korea are handling the cold?
We have not heard much about them lately. The news is centered on ourselves, and how difficult things are here, in South Korea.
It seems that people have forgotten that there are hundreds of thousands of children, just north of the 38th parallel, who are hungry and cold.
Being hungry during the summer is bad, but it is not as bad as being hungry in the winter. Hungry and cold is a state of being that is difficult for anyone to imagine, let alone empathize with.
But I am pleading with people to empathize now. Is it too much to ask that rice and blankets, boots and coats, be sent to the children just a few kilometers north of the 38th parallel?
I understand the whole “nuclear” issue, and the difficult situation that the current Korean administration finds itself in. But I fail to see how hungry, cold children have anything to do with plutonium.
The children have done no one any harm. They do not build bombs. They did not even ask to be brought into this world. Is a bit of rice, some clean drinking water, some blankets, a warm coat and warm boots so very much to ask?
As you talk on your new state-of-the-art digital camera-cum-cell phone, that can take crystal clear, digital pictures of your friend, please think about the children.
Think how very little it would really cost you to contribute toward keeping them fed and warm as winter approaches.
There are numerous organizations, just waiting to hear from you.

by Kathryn R McNeil
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