For 2005, a lucky year in the cards?

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For 2005, a lucky year in the cards?

So, a brand new year has arrived. The biggest question is whether the Goddess of Fortune will be good to you this year, and here’s a bit of fortune telling to help you make your way.
Based on the Chinese zodiac signs, 2005 is the Year of the Chicken, which will pave the way to prosperity and good luck, according to Lee Soo, a fortune teller in Seoul who, incidentally, correctly predicted the re-election of U.S. President George W. Bush.
In oriental fortune telling, the chicken is a happy augury, and Koreans traditionally see the sign as having the power to drive out evil spirits. That is why many Koreans maintained a tradition of spreading chicken’s blood on their front gates, which they believed would ward off evil.
On top of this good sign from the Year of the Chicken, Mr. Lee says 2005 marks the end of a long star-crossed cycle, bringing a new force for harmony.
But he predicts that the year will be among the worst for “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il of North Korea, as seen from the aspect of the “four pillars,” or the numbers of the year, month, day and hour of birth. “The stars say that Kim Jong-il will have great harm in his family and it seems it will be hard for him to get through the year safe and sound,” Mr. Lee says.
South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, on the other hand, seems to be in luck, described by Mr. Lee as “enjoying stability and prosperity, with riches and honor.”
What about President Bush? “From the latter part of this year, President Bush will be on a downhill slope in his luck and he especially needs to pay attention to his family’s safety,” Mr. Lee says.
Based on the Chinese zodiac signs, Mr. Lee has developed prognostications for everyone. But don’t be too depressed if you don’t seem to be under a lucky star. You can bring good luck to yourself with a little help from pungsu, or geomancy, known in Chinese as feng shui, which everyone can use.
A special housecleaning doesn’t sound like a bad idea to prepare for 2005, does it? Happy New Year!

What the Chinese zodiac signs say about your luck in 2005

Find your fortune according to the year in which you were born.

Rejoice, those of you who were born in the Year of the Rat. You’re going to be in luck, especially when it comes to money. A useful piece of information will come to you, which will lead to a big fortune.
1948: The right strategy to make a fortune is to be faithful to the ABCs of investment, never relying on chance.
1960: The No. 1 priority for you this year is health. Refrain from overeating and drinking excessively. You’re in luck money-wise.
1972: With the arrival of fall, you will start to make a fortune. Maintain your principles and never just go along with what others say.

You’ll either make or lose a great deal of money this year. So if you make a fortune in the first half of the year, stop investing your money. If you lose a fortune early in the year, however, you’ll make up for the loss in the second half.
1949: You’ll have particularly good luck in the summer. Be aware of your health, however, always eating good food and working out.
1961: You will make a fortune this year, but stay away from useless gossip.
1973: Keep your credit cards inside your wallet. You will spend a lot this year, but if you don’t pay attention you will regret it later.

Congratulations, you’re under a lucky star this year. You’re going to make big advances, and scars from the past will be healed completely. You might have some crisis, yet you’ll cope with it smartly. In a word, the year is a prime time for you.
1950: It’s true that you’re lucky, but it does not mean that you’ll make money anywhere you go. Stay away from making a big investment if it seems to be the chance of a lifetime.
1962: You might not feel so lucky until early summer, but if you get through to midsummer, you’ll enjoy a financial windfall.
1974: You’ll cry out “life is beautiful” this year, enjoying a good performance at work with people recognizing your achievements.
You will learn the lesson of patience this year. Remember, when you’re not having such great luck, you don’t have to feel that it’s the end of the world. Luck will find you in the latter part of the year.
1951: Stay away from real estate investments. Wait until November to see a profit. The stock market is where luck is waiting for you.
1963: This year’s No. 1 project for you should be buying a house of your own. Stay attuned to the real estate market, especially during the first half of the year.
1975: It will take time, but your goal will be achieved in the latter part of the year. Wait for the cold weather.

Do not expect to hit a homer this year. Too much ambition will lead to greed this year, which will be a basis for misfortune in the end. If you learn to be prudent, you’ll see small yet steady progress. Note that north is the direction in which good luck lies.
1952: Why don’t you try opening your own small business this year? A franchise business, for example, would lead to success for you this year. You won’t see direct profits, but learn to be patient.
1964: Take a good rest this year, instead of making an investment. Get ready for future good luck.
1976: You might want to hit the jackpot, but remember that this year is not good for you. Postpone making any important decisions until next year.

Lucky you, now that you’ll see an unexpected big fortune coming. But you also always need to be concerned about minor accidents. You’re definitely in luck this year in everything, however, since you’ll enjoy popularity among your friends. There’s more good news in your love life, for you’ll find yourself sought after by the other gender.
1953: Learn to regulate your desires for a windfall and you’ll see an unexpected big profit.
1965: Don’t wait to make a big fortune without making due efforts for yourself.
1977: Your luck will be at its peak in the first half of the year, though it will be downhill later.
Don’t make mistakes, such as going into battle again before fully recovering from previous bouts. It is wiser to take care of yourself and patiently wait for the next opportunity. At the beginning of the year, make sure you are in a physically balanced condition. After that, things won’t be too bad.
1954: You may see apparent achievements, but they are mostly bubbles. There will be no big winnings this year, but small rewards are granted to those who put in the effort.
1966: Do not expect to gain more than you invest.
1978: You’ll have a great opportunity to buy your own house. This year, your income may seem a little small compared to your spending.

Unexpected luck is waiting. Don’t hesitate to accept good suggestions. Good news may come to you from the east. Unexpected gifts or money will surprise you occasionally. This is a year of nice surprises.
1955: Your investment can be very fruitful. Even an investment in less promising areas can turn into a big profit, especially in August.
1967: Be careful when talking. Taking advice is recommended for your development.
1979: You will see some rewards after getting over a critical period of your life. Your creativity and boldness will lead you to a big achievement.

You may get some help from people in power. In particular, you will be lucky in passing examinations or getting a job. Make your dreams bigger than usual. Taking advice from your boss is important. You can do anything as long as you are confident.
1956: Always expecting everything to go right is wrong. If things don’t work out, take a break and wait. Things will get better in the second half of this year.
1968: Taking a break can be very productive. If making a decision is hard, take a step back and wait. At the end of this year, an unexpected opportunity will appear.
1980: You will have greater than expected achievements, but also some economic difficulties await you this year.
First, do your best and then wait humbly for good luck. A simple exchange of information will do you much good later. You need to have courage and trust in what you do. You’ll either move to a new house or find a good job. Those who were born in 1969 and 1981 in particular will have a lot of luck.
1957: You’ll definitely have an opportunity. The question is when. So always be prepared to meet that opportunity and make the most of it, or you’ll lose the chance of a lifetime.
1969: Everything will go smoothly for you this year, followed by more good luck in the future. So do what you feel like doing.
1981: You’ll have a small crisis, but will get over it with the help of others. So you need to have good relationships with other people.

Go back to the basics and rearm yourself. You won’t see a direct benefit, but if you make it through to the end, you’ll see some good luck. Always be careful about giving the right finishing touches to a project before you start another one.
1958: When you’re hard up, don’t hesitate to cry out for help. You’ll have friends willing to help you out. This year will be favorable for you.
1970: You need to have an appreciative eye for the future. Do not give up too easily over making investments even though you feel that you’re out of luck. It’s now or never.
1982: Before making investments, you need to make a good, thorough analysis about your current position and prepare the right blueprint for the future.

As time goes by, you’ll start to have more luck this year. You’ll be recognized at work for your creative ideas.
1959: It’s true that you’ll be lucky this year, but learn to be modest. Don’t make too much of your success, or you’ll regret it later on.
1971: A humble attitude counts in both good and bad times. If you want to buy a car, this year is the right time. Sometimes you need to learn how to enjoy your life.
1983: In February and March, you’ll see good fortune, but be aware of summer, when you will have a lot of expenses. Keep what you have.

Pungsu tips

One good way to start the year is to clean and change the interior of the house. Here is a guide to doing that in a wiser and healthier way, according to pungsu (geomancy) expert Jo Seong-taek, 48, who has been studying the subject for 10 years in Sangju, North Gyeongsang province.
Do you want to make more money this year? If so, your house may need some changes. According to Mr. Jo, the house should be “empty” to attract money.
In the same way that living creatures breathe in and out in order to survive, a house also should “breathe out” to then draw in fresh energy. So, unnecessary items in the house should be removed.
If you live in an apartment with a balcony, it should be clean and empty because, he says, if the balcony is dirty and crowded the energy of the universe cannot get into the house.
If you live in a house with a yard, having too many trees or ones that are too tall is not good since they block energy from entering the house.
Flowers should be grown in a small space in the corner of the yard, and the yard should look open, empty and spacious in order to have good fortune with money,

Living room
The living room is the center of the house and the most important room, Mr. Jo says.
Therefore, it should always be clean and well-organized. The front or center of the living room should be vacant to enhance luck with money,
In addition, having too much furniture or too many plants is not recommended. Therefore, unnecessary items should be put into another room or disposed of, while any unsanitary material should be removed.
The walls of the room should be brightly colored.
If you want to maintain or develop your relationship with your partner, there is a way to rearrange your house to achieve the maximum benefit, according to Mr. Jo.
There are commonalities among houses that are full of love, and among those that are full of conflict, he says.
When visiting a family or a couple whose relationship is poor, one can see that the placement of the furniture is often awkward; this is particularly true of the living room sofa.
When the back of the sofa faces a door, it creates the energy of conflict, even though that arrangement is good for reading and doing other individual tasks, Mr. Jo says.
With such a furniture arrangement, couples tend to become more self-centered and controlling rather than harmonizing with each other, so they tend to fight often. Therefore, the back of the sofa should be against the wall in order to improve the harmonizing energy in the house.

The placement of the bed is another important consideration. When sleeping, facing a window is not healthy, according to feng shui theory.
If one sleeps facing the window, the light can be disturbing, and that can ultimately affect a couple’s relationship. As a result, the head of the bed should be against the wall where windows are. Alternatively, windows can be on the left or right-hand side of the bed.
To balance yin and yang energy, the bedroom should be light during the day and dark at night.

The most important thing is ventilation, since improper ventilation can create stress and bad energy.
The room should not be too cold, Mr. Jo says. A big mirror and brightly colored tiles are recommended. Also, making sure the floor is not slippery is important to prevent accidents.

The overall house
To enhance the overall luck of the house, the gate and front door should be kept clean at all times.
No trash should be kept near the gate or front door.
Also, no mirror should be near the front door since it will reflect the energy coming in from outside. Mirrors should not face the front door or any window, since they reflect the light from outside.

This guide applies mostly to Korean houses, Mr. Jo says. Feng shui theories are different for each country, based on climate and geography, he adds.

by Chun Su-jin, Choi Sun-young
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