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[EDITORIALS]President shows he’s changed

President Roh Moo-hyun’s press conference yesterday demonstrated that he has changed. Yesterday’s Mr. Roh was not the same person who used to get upset easily at sensitive issues and use unsophisticated language, which often caused many controversies. Frankly speaking, we have seen many unnecessary political struggles due to his words over the last two years.
But yesterday’s Mr. Roh was self-restrained and balanced. It was evident that he worked hard to choose a proper word each time. Many people who were concerned about Mr. Roh now seem to be a bit relieved. The conference allowed us to think that he has changed.
Considering the current economy, which is in distress, we particularly think it is right for Mr. Roh to spend almost all of his address discussing economic issues. He emphasized the need to create an environment that can promote business and revitalize consumption. He also asked labor unions of large businesses not to push their demands, so that the country can solve the problem of contract workers, part-timers and those without insurance. We believe what Mr. Roh said was based on a relatively sound assessment of reality.
When asked whether he is willing to meet CEOs of businesses, Mr. Roh said, “I will listen to the expertise and opinions of those who achieved big successes.” We think such an answer showed his will to revive the economy.
That the political struggles should be restrained for the sake of economic advancement was right as well. In mentioning the National Security Law issue that divided the nation last year, Mr. Roh said, “That is something that should be decided according to the debate and decision in the National Assembly.”
Of course, Mr. Roh said his belief that the law should be abolished has not changed. However he said, “The president’s thought is one thing and policy is another.” We believe Mr. Roh is on the right track concerning this issue. The only thing we regret is that Mr. Roh should have said these things earlier.
What is needed now is execution. If Mr. Roh’s words are not followed by actual practices, then they will cause even worse problems.
If Mr. Roh understood the problems, found solutions and prepared plans, then he should firmly proceed with those plans. That is the way to revive the nation and the president.
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