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[EDITORIALS]Iraq needs continued support

An election in Iraq that will decide the future of the country and featured 60 percent voter turnout has just ended.
This election is a meaningful event because Iraqi people had participated in practicing their country’s sovereign power for the first time in half a century. And the election was held under the principles of a democratic election: Everyone casts a ballot in a direct, equal, universal and secret elections.
Despite sporadic attacks by insurgents and a collective boycott by Sunni Muslims, the election can be seen as a new chapter in the building of a new Iraq.
For the first time Iraqis voted for several candidates out of their own free will.
Especially, the fact that the voter turnout of 60 percent is even higher than many other countries carries a special meaning.
This demonstrates that even though the current situation is unstable, Iraqis are having high hopes for building democracy rather than seeing another Saddam Hussein type of regime.
It is, however, a bit too early to say definitively that the election was a “resounding success” and a historical achievement, as U.S. President George W. Bush called it.
What is more important is the internal management of the country. There are still insurgents who will not accept the election results and keep terrorizing people. The participation of the Sunnis in governing of the country has to be urged as well.
When the Iraqi National Assembly opens, Iraq will establish an interim government and a constitution. On October 15, through a general vote, a constitution will be voted on and general elections are scheduled to take place on December 15.
This period will decide the fate of Iraq.
Thus, the international community needs to actively support this election so that democracy can really set its roots. This is why France, which strongly opposed a war in Iraq by the United States, hailed the elections as “a success for the international community.”
For Korea, which deployed troops in Iraq, it is important to put in every effort so that Iraq can become a stable country as soon as possible.
In order to achieve this goal and also for democracy to take hold in Iraq, countries such as France that do not have troops deployed to Iraq need to show support as well.
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