[EDITORIALS]Uri Party’s criticism defies logic

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[EDITORIALS]Uri Party’s criticism defies logic

The governing party’s recent complaints against the judicial system and the prosecution are not wholesome criticism but emotional backlash fueled by rash indignation rather than tempered logic. It is natural for the judiciary and political circles to have conflicting opinions. However, on the recent issues, the governing party would do better to reflect on its own shortcomings rather than blame the judiciary.
Take for example the court’s recent decision on the Saemangeum reclamation project and the Uri Party’s opposition to it. It is true that the court’s decision that the project should either be canceled or altered could set a large-scale national project adrift and cause a huge waste of tax money. However, it is highly inappropriate for certain members of the governing party to publicly accuse the court of having made a “political ruling” and of “abusing its authority.”
Since the Roh Moo-hyun administration, the Constitutional Court had ruled on several major issues such as the impeachment motion against the president and the government’s plan to relocate the capital city. This has led some to express concern that the Constitutional Court has become too powerful. Court rulings on politically sensitive cases have led many to worry that too much power has been given to the judicial system. However, it is too early to start having these worries. Was it not the public consensus until recently that the judicial system was too weak and that it acted as a “handmaid of the president?” In a sense, the reason that the judicial system has become involved in these conflicts is because of political circles’ inability to coordinate and solve these social problems. It is shameless for the governing party to complain about the court rulings when it was they themselves who made the courts rule in the first place.
Moreover, much of the governing party’s criticism of the judiciary and the prosecution are actually complaints about the strict application of law. The Uri Party’s real gripe is that the prosecution is being too strict in its investigation of Uri party members such as former party chairman Lee Bu-young and legislator Kim Hee-sun.
If the governing party criticizes the judiciary just because they don’t like a court’s decision, it is acting no differently from past dictatorial administrations. Before complaining that the judiciary has too much power, the governing party should first take care of social problems.
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