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Break out the whips and the snakeskin

Are you one of those weirdos who dress up in bondage gear and then do all that sadomasochistic stuff? Do you have a drawer full of blindfolds, ropes, whips, handcuffs, etc., but find few occasions to use them?
Well, get ready to get your kink on.
On Saturday night, a couple of local girls, one American and one Australian, are throwing a party where guests are encouraged to wear stuff like that, then line up for spankings and other sophisticated pursuits.
The name of the party, to be held at J-Bar, a basement-level club just behind KFC, is “ElectroFetish.”
This prurient-minded column, naturally, will focus on the latter half of the title. But the American organizer, Anna Desmarais, stresses that the party is equally about the “Electro,” which refers to a type of music that dates from the 1980s.
So there will be excellent DJs. But more importantly, there will be plenty of kinkiness. According to Ms. Desmarais, most of that will go down in a “special, small room.”
“There will be much to keep you occupied,” she promises. “There will be props available, in case you want a picture of you and your best friend gagged and handcuffed. There will also be a massage chair set up in the room and a masseur on hand.”
Ms. Desmarais hastened to add that the masseur is a “pro” and that all massages will be “wholesome.”
Wholesome. At a fetish party. But of course.
There will also be some staged events. Topping the bill is a performance artist named Choi Ji-hun, whose abilities include writhing around and screaming like a banshee. Word has it, the last time she performed was at a regular session of the National Assembly, but no one even noticed.
Ms. Choi will be displaying some of her unconventional paintings as well. In all seriousness, seeing her in action is probably worth the 10,000 won ($10) cover charge alone.
Other performances, according to reports I’ve heard (or fantasies I’ve conjured up), will include organized pillow fights.
Incidentally, if you’re wondering what you’re supposed to wear to a fetish party, I’d like to commend you on your upstanding morals. But seriously, you need clothing made of a material like leatherette, rubber, PVC, plastic wrap or snakeskin.
If you’re not so inclined, Ms. Desmarais suggests the “goth/industrial look, like you’d see on Robert Smith [of The Cure] or Nine Inch Nails, or the ‘80s technopop/electroclash route, like Human League or New Order.”
Ms. Desmarais is quite excited about the DJ lineup. Electro, apparently, is some awesome thing that’s been a huge influence on innumerable artists in similar genres, and has brought joy to people the world over for years and years, but is still for some reason mostly unknown.
Sort of like “Itaewon Wanderings.”
Sorry, bad joke. Extra spanking for me.

by Mike Ferrin
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