[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]‘Millions’ haven’t died in Iraq

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[LETTERS TO THE EDITOR]‘Millions’ haven’t died in Iraq

It was irresponsible to publish the letter, “Ends don’t justify means” (March 22), in which the writer argued that no vindication is due George W. Bush for the “war on Iraq.”
Fine. Maybe Bush deserves credit, maybe he doesn’t. Who cares. But your editorial staff should have noticed that the term “war on Iraq” is extremely loaded. The level-headed term is “war in Iraq.” Of course, you could say “war on the Saddam Hussein regime,” since the war was designed to, among other objectives, help and embolden Iraqi people by removing that regime. And the war seems to have succeeded in that regard, despite the avalanche of determined opinions to the contrary. Also, the writer said, “We should look back and recount the millions of innocent deaths that followed America’s invasion...” Millions.
Look. When it comes to Iraq or George W. Bush, many people, not excluding professional journalists, suddenly lose any and all ability to think rationally. But nonsense is supposed to be screened out before it gets to the printed page. Frankly put, you published lies that slander not just the Bush administration, but also members of the U.S. military serving in Iraq and the Iraqi people, who surely aren’t helped by such unhinged commentary.
That warrants an apology. Or am I mistaken, and is the policy of your letters section “anything goes?” If that’s the case, you should alert your readers to the fact, so we know not to waste our time with it.

by Malcolm Hairston
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