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When you need to kill some time and want to play a game that does not require much setting up, this Web site is useful in putting you in touch with many choices. This “Shockwave” has a shocking number of arcade games of almost every kind.
“Bejeweled” is among the popular games that can be played through this site.
People who don’t want to pay for a game can download a free trial, but the trial is only for 60 minutes, so keep the time in mind as you enjoy the games.
“Bejeweled 2” is the new version of the famous “Bejeweled,” which has many fans. The game is simple ― just get three of the same jewels in a row ― but it becomes addictive. One sparkling jewel appears from time to time. Your mission is to get rid of the sparkling jewel, to earn higher points and clear the level.
Another favorite game of mine is “Zookeeper,” but this game is only available on the Japanese version of “Shockwave.”
Visit jp.shockwave.com and search “zookeeper” ― there is only one match. Unlike on the American site, there is no need to download a free trial, just play the game as much as you like.
Basically, it’s the same as playing “Bejeweled 2,” but instead of organizing jewels by color and shape, just line up the animals ― giraffes, alligators, hippos and elephants.
In “Bejeweled,” the gems just disappear when they are lined up, but the animals become startled when they are neatly lined up in a row of three. The look on their faces is as if they never imagined such a thing could happen to them while in the zoo.
The expressions they have the moment they disappear is something that makes you continue to play the game.
Another thing about “Zookeeper” is that the number of animals that you clear in total does not matter. On top of the screen, there is a small icon of each animal that you must clear, and next to the icon it states how many lines you need to clear to complete the level.
Once you are done clearing out one type of animal, the small icon gains color. From that point, just concentrate on the colorless icons.
You might wonder, however, how you can check which animals you have left, since you would be busy lining them up within a limited amount of time.
The clue is when the face of an animal on the screen you are playing turns into an angry one.
Only the ones that are left to clear have frowns on their faces, making it easier for you to recognize. I remember leaving each animal out on purpose when playing, just to see how their expressions change.
Also as your level gets higher, you will meet other characters. So far, I have only succeeded in discovering one new character which was not an animal. For me, getting up to level 9 was the limit. Even though I tried my best each time, I found it was nearly impossible to get past the ninth stage.
Besides the games I have mentioned, this site is full of others you can easily enjoy if you have access to the Internet.
Similar action puzzle games, word games, jigsaw puzzles, card games, board games and much more can be found with one click on this page. Since there are so many to choose from, I believe that you will be able to find at least one that you like.

by Joe Eun-Hye
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