[ANOTHER VIEW]The disturbing way to win over a woman

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[ANOTHER VIEW]The disturbing way to win over a woman

Imagine a beautiful woman whom you want to date but is hard to get because many guys like her. Maybe you have just started dating a pretty woman, but cannot be sure she will stay with you because other guys keep asking her out. How do you get your dream woman?
Here’s one strategy. I will tell you a story about a man named Sung-min. He noticed an attractive woman, named Jung-hee, who had recently started working at his company. Not only Sung-min but also many other co-workers kept asking her out. Plus, Jung-hee started seeing another person after a blind date. Sung-min had to do something to get her away from the competition. He called her as many times as he could and tried to set up a date everyday. When she had plans, he waited in front of her house and met her for just 10 minutes. At first, Jung-hee felt uncomfortable because it seemed he was violating her privacy. However, as time went by she got used to it and thinks it is natural to take his phone calls and meets him when she doesn't work. Moreover, his competitors disappeared. What was his strategy?
My friend Jung Myeong-hoon, who got married two years ago after dating his wife for seven years, calls it “The Chopping Strategy.” “When I dated my wife, I tried to be with her all the time, from the morning when I picked her up at her house until night when I walked her home. It naturally extended the time that I could be with her. Guys who asked her out didn’t get a chance to date her,” he said.
Yes. Guys, you need to seal off the competition to help her make up her mind. Sung-min stopped other guys from approaching Jung-hee by meeting her and calling her continuously. In the final analysis, he employed the chopping strategy. What was the result? Let’s listen to what Jung-hee says: “I know how he feels about me. There’s no one who needs me like him. I can’t think of a man who likes me more than him. I think it’s very brilliant of him to monopolize my time so that I can’t date anyone else.” Are you ready to get an attractive woman like Jung-hee? Before you launch the chopping strategy, you should be careful if she’s not a Korean woman.
Maya, an American, said, “I beg to differ about the so called ‘chopping strategy.’ I mean, I’m all for persistence but outright stalking? Not sexy, especially if the guy starts to get on your nerves, or if you want to hang out with someone else, or if he nags you when you’re with your other friends. Maybe this would be appealing to a Korean girl, but I’m antistalking.”

by Jung Hea-won
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