[LETTER TO THE EDITOR]A nuclear-free promise

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[LETTER TO THE EDITOR]A nuclear-free promise

In regard to your article, “The nuclear treaty’s serious problem” (May 11), I believe that the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) is fundamentally flawed and egregiously porous.
As you have argued, nations may just pretend to be bound by the NPT rules and then abrogate it when they have attained the full capacity to develop weapons.
The first case was North Korea. But I do not think that North Korea is only problem, and neither is it the most serious one, as many have violated the treaty.
Although the NPT has comprehensive membership, there are nations that have blatantly refused to join the NPT and have gone nuclear.
India, Pakistan and Israel can be categorized under this group. Most importantly, the NPT is a discriminatory treaty between nuclear states and non-nuclear states.
The initial promise was that the nuclear powers would commit themselves to eventual total disarmament.
The non-nuclear parties, on the other hand, would not seek to acquire nuclear weapons by any means. Because nations like North Korea and Iran defaulted on the promise, it looks as if it is legitimate for the United States and fellow nuclear powers to take action.
However, the five nuclear powers have not kept their promises either.
China is currently seeking to expand its arsenal while Russia has stopped reducing its weapons.
The United States is building a new generation of nuclear weapons, instead of committing itself to arms reduction.
I strongly believe that this is the issue that the NPT meeting in New York should mainly focus on.
Nuclear powers must renew their pledges and redeem themselves.
That way, when the five nuclear powers genuinely abide by the NPT, it would be truly justifiable to harshly condemn nations that transgress it.
Also, international cooperation can be sought with emboldened legitimacy and finally, a more peaceful world.

by Hong Suh-yeon
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