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It’s been 10 years since the first Tekken was released. In a period of time that, according to a Korean proverb, is sufficient for a mountain to change at least once, Tekken has come out with its fifth series.
With so many series being released that have a similar concept, some might wonder how this game could create so much interest, but all of the previous series were major hits. Unlike the others, however, the fifth Tekken game was released in the United States before being released in Japan.
The significance of Tekken can be quite different if the person playing this game is a male, rather than a female, as I am.
Personally, I do not like fighting games and punching opponents to win points. I am more the kind of person who enjoys arcades, and would rather race cars than defeat others through furious fighting.
However, this game brought back memories of the time I once enjoyed playing “Street Fighter” with my younger brother.
Whenever my brother was tired of playing against the computer and it was too late to call a friend to play with, I was his only opponent, one who would usually die and make him very happy to play the game.
This game is not much different for me. Maybe my dislike of this genre of games affected my playing skills.
Another thing is that even though a decade has passed since the game was introduced, it seems that there hasn’t been much change, except for some of the background scenes. The skills needed to succeed at this game are still pretty much the same ― throw, crouch and jump. It sounds simple, but it’s much harder than it appears.
While Tekken 4 took place in dull locales like airports and parking garages, this new game introduces some of the most beautiful, creative background images, which are hard to find in fighting games.
It is quite astonishing how this gruesome game matches the scenery. One example is a moonlit match set in a large, shimmering field of dandelions. But I would leave it up to each gamer to decide if this represents a big change or not, since these appear way too similar to me.
Of course, there are some new characters. Raven, Feng and Asuka are here to reduce the boredom in some scenes.
The characters have become more convincing if you just take a look at their appearance. The three main characters of this new series try to provide some energy to this long history game.
Each of the characters, however, has a distinctive feature that resembles someone from the previous series.
Asuka, for example, is the kind of character guys would like to see more of in video games. She is the type of “hot” schoolgirl often found in these action fighting games. Raven, meanwhile, resembles Wesley Snipes in “Blade.” The character even has some ninja moves that look very familiar from that movie.
Although the game itself hasn’t improved very much, the music definitely has. For the background music, you now have the option of selecting your own songs to listen to through a jukebox system.
Just because I’ve said it makes a difference, however, don’t expect a lot. Some of the songs seem like they have been recycled from Tekken 3. It seems a little weird, but the game uses orchestral sounds in the songs.
Heihachi Misima died in Tekken 4, but Tekken 5 begins with the start of “The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.” Don’t expect too much from the new version, and the game will be as enjoyable as the previous ones.

by Eun-hye Joe
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