[EDITORIALS]Uri Party and Roh at odds

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[EDITORIALS]Uri Party and Roh at odds

The internal conflict with the government camp is becoming heated. The Blue House, government and governing party are blaming each other for the confusion in state affairs. The leaders of the governing party point fingers at each other. The nation seems to be drifting without direction. This is no time to engage in pinning the responsibility on others. The president must show leadership by calming the internal trouble and setting a new direction.
Judging from the way things are going, the governing camp must be in some kind of trouble. Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan warned against “domination of presidential aides and private organizations.” Meanwhile, Yeom Dong-yeon, a close aide of the president, retorted, telling Mr. Lee, “Behave prudently.” When things go this far, they don’t appear to be a family. It is not a matter of an emotional gap, but a difference in their understanding of reality. A governing party lawmaker who was once a deputy prime minister of economy criticized the committee-centered government operation, saying, “Government operations should be left to the administration manned by experts.” But the Blue House responded, saying, “That is completely the wrong idea.”
The Uri Party criticized the Blue House for promoting policies based on the president’s idealistic ideas, complaining, “The party cleans up the mess after the government establishes policies.” Nothing can be achieved, if they exchange attacks and counterattacks.
First, the Blue House must listen to what the party says. As the lawmakers contact voters in their constituencies, they come to understand the people’s view. It is not proper to ask the party to take care of side effects after excluding their participation in policymaking. The separation of the party and the government means the president shouldn’t behave like an emperor by taking the party’s right to appoint personnel and candidates for elections. If the government asks the party to watch what the government does, there is no need for party politics and politics of responsibility.
The party is also responsible. Being satisfied with the victory in general elections, it neglected to reflect the desperate needs of the people. It clings to conflict over hegemony and debates on ideology, while paying no attention to the livelihood of the people.
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