[ANOTHER VIEW]The televised booty dance and the angelic dream girl

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[ANOTHER VIEW]The televised booty dance and the angelic dream girl

There is something that gets me upset every time I watch TV in Korea, even if the show itself is downright hilarious. Many shows nowadays make the guests or hosts (sometimes just the girls) dance provocatively. Some programs even have this “dance session” as a permanent part of the show.
I found myself staring at the TV in shock, at first, because of how seductively some of the girls would dance. I was soon disappointed, though, as most of their moves were taken straight from music videos.
I’m a big music video addict, so I just smirked every time I saw a familiar step or movement.
For this to happen on an American TV show would be practically impossible, even though channels allow more sexual content on air.
For example, you won’t see someone coming on Jay Leno and dancing to some “booty music” unless they are actually performing.
Don’t get me wrong; I don’t disapprove of dancing sexily. I’m actually known for being quite crazy on the dance floor myself, and love watching others dance. But almost anyone can dance a choreographed move with enough practice.
It’s kind of sick to see the show’s hosts, usually men in their 30s or 40s, drool over females in their early 20s.
This is another factor adding to my opinion that Korea has become a country that is a double-standard heaven.
Every country has double standards to a certain extent, but I’d never imagined that this sort of thing could happen. To me, it’s a PG-13 version of a strip show.
I wouldn’t have much of a problem with this if it was just a music video, but dancing seductively at someone else’s request on TV is something that really gets to me.
If you ask the male population of Korea what they like women to be, most of them will say in unison that they like cute and innocent girls. I have nothing against that viewpoint either, so far. But it makes me sick to my stomach when I see girls act angelic all the time, when in reality they’re not ― specifically to impress men ― or when males put restrictions on females.
I personally know girls who act totally different when there are guys around, making them seem to have an alter ego, or an evil twin sister.
One girl I know usually eats pizza with her hands, but switches to using a fork when there is a male present. Another lies about her party life and her tolerance for alcohol. These are just a couple of behavior modifications that occur because of sexual bias.
The reason so many girls act fake is that, in their minds, this is what Korean guys want when it comes to their dream girl: no cursing, no revealing clothes, no drinking, no pigging out and no smoking. It’s just plain old hypocrisy, and frankly, I hate it.

by Chu Hee-young
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