[FOUNTAIN]We now have time to improve our time

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[FOUNTAIN]We now have time to improve our time

To improve the quality of time, human beings created ways to account for their time.
They began counting days from dawn to dawn. Using this as the standard, year, month, hour and minutes were determined. Civilization started from seizing the day, using it as a starting point of a new adventure.
There will be those who live in fear, worry, anxiety and discouragement because of their continuous failures and complicated situations.
These burdened people need to check how they use their time, the raw material of their lives, to see if it is inferior.
Who are the ones that use the inferior goods of time? First are those that think they have an endless amount of time. These people mistakenly believe that they can enjoy eternity without having to pay for it.
However, time exists only in the consciousness of a living person. Time inside consciousness is limited. That kind of time needs management like water or air, which become polluted when not managed carefully.
The quality of time rises when people concentrate on their consciousness harder. It is said that people can concentrate their consciousness for one and a half hours at the most when in their best condition.
The level of concentration of consciousness varies with each person and according to the time of day.
Usually, the level of concentration is high before noon, when the energy of the morning sun is abundant. By training oneself to feel this energy, one can develop high-quality time.
Those who are able to listen to the deep sounds from inside themselves and put them into action are not driven by time.
Those who have a clear blueprint of the future do not become weary of time.
It is now July 1. It is the start of the second half of the year 2005.
It is also the start of a big change in many Koreans’ lives, now that the number of people who are adopting the five-day workweek will be increasing to 3 million.
It is a good day to think of one’s quality of time.

by Chun Young-gi

The writer is a deputy political news editor at the JoongAng Ilbo.
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