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[LETTER TO THE EDITOR]Misguided education

Unwasted applause for Kim Jin-sung’s article “A false religion in the schools” (viewpoint 6/30). The writer concisely pinpointed the urgency of the current educational system and the nation as a whole.
It is ironic, in the words of the writer, that education, which has been the fundamental base for the great achievements of South Korea, is leading to our nation’s demise. All the predicaments faced by nation can be said to stem from the uncompetitive egalitarian oriented educational system, from major corporations expressing frustration at the ineptness of new recruits to an unprecedented level of youth unemployment.
Another ironic aspect was that an article titled “SERI warns that time is running out for Korea” (page 3) was published on the same date emphasizing that the next 10 years will be the last chance for Korea to join the ranks of the world’s most advanced nations, and that competitiveness must be improved at every level, from government to individuals.
These two articles combined highlighted the dire situation Korea is in and the unavoidable consequences of the future brought on by the current untenable egalitarian system.
Nonetheless, there are two pragmatic solutions for the predicaments.
First, Korea could follow the sagacious plans the writer outlines by assuming an educational reform based on classical liberalism.
Second, I strongly suggest that Korea pursue education reform similar to Japan’s, where a major business corporation, Toyota, has contributed tremendous amounts to establish a Japanese version of the Ethan school. This school is centered on fostering elites to effectively lead Japan, providing intense middle and high school courses and student exchange programs with U.S. Ivy League schools.
Hence, I would like to simply state that it is the duty of the government to provide the appropriate “gift of education,” not an out-of-place egalitarian education system in this globalized era, but a liberalized system.

by Lee Seong-min
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