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[EDITORIALS]Vigilance against terror

The whole world trembled again at the terror attacks committed against innocent people in London on Thursday. The “secret group of Al Qaeda’s Jihad in Europe,” which claims to be behind the attacks, called the bombings punishment for Britain’s involvement in the war in Iraq and invasion of Afghanistan.
However, under whatever the pretext, no one can take the life of an innocent human being. Moreover, an act of terrorism aimed at the lives of numerous innocent civilians is a barbaric crime that can never be tolerated.
London is not only the capital of Britain, but also an international city. It is a symbol of cosmopolitanism where a variety of races and people stemming from different roots coexist, pursuing an open, diverse society in the spirit of democracy and tolerance. The terror attacks on London are a challenge to all that the city symbolizes: diversity, open society and the spirit of democracy and tolerance.
The world shouldn’t be daunted by the barbaric attacks. The human race has preserved and developed freedom and democratic values in the past several centuries through many sacrifices. We should never surrender to such barbaric forces out of fear of the violence they commit.
London has been under the threat of a terror attack for a long time. It has been, therefore, anticipated that the city would be the target of a terror attack sooner or later. In that sense, the fact that Britain and the world failed to prevent the attack this time shows how difficult it is to fight the war on terrorism.
In order to defend modern civilization and democratic values that the barbaric forces try to destroy, the world has to be united.
Although almost all countries in the world have increased their budget for anti-terror activities and enacted anti-terror bills since the Sept. 11 terror attacks in the United States, they failed to prevent this attack. We have to keep this in mind and make sincere efforts in eliminating the root cause of terrorism from its origin.
The “secret group of Al Qaeda’s Jihad in Europe,” which claimed responsibility for the attacks, threatened that it will launch similar attacks on other countries that dispatched troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, such as Italy and Denmark.
South Korea, which has deployed 3,500 troops in Iraq, must step up cooperation with international society and be prepared to cope with emergency situations by strengthening anti-terror measures.
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