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[LETTER TO THE EDITOR]Management by South

With the current status of North Korea’s credibility, it is almost impossible for the North to expect the world’s approval of its current bid: to acknowledge its peaceful use of nuclear power.
The fourth round of the six-party talks was expected to resume in late August. However, North Korea would not resume talks on the promised date, stating that a US and South Korean joint military exercise was insulting North Korean delegates to the talks. Whatever reasons North Korea gives, the fact that most of the world is not willing to compromise over its recent proposal should not be overlooked. I suggest a way to solve the problem. South Korea should be named as manager of North Korea’s nuclear power plant until the North’s credibility reaches a point at which the world approves. By such a method, the world can keep its surveillance on North Korea’s nuclear power operations, through South Korea, to make sure the North is not planning any nuclear reprocessing.
Both the US and North Korea must take a step backward to embrace each other’s point of view, instead of merely following their own interests, which will never prove fruitful.

by Kim Hyo-jeong
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