[LETTERS to the editor]Time for the North to reciprocate

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[LETTERS to the editor]Time for the North to reciprocate

I read an interesting article on how the Ministry of Unification is willing to take out a loan to continue aiding North Korea (Editorial: “Financing aid to the North,” Nov. 8). This is nonsense.
The South Korean government must not be oblivious of the fact that there are just too many people waiting for government help on our side. Thousands of people are hungry and penniless, and desperately need financial aid.
It would be a great paradox to help feed North Koreans with a loan while leaving South Koreans to starve. Naive hospitality is not the right key to deal with North Korea and reunification. This wrong key is swaying South Korea’s position in the world today.
The government has spent an astronomical amount of money and effort to help North Korea thrive. Yet we have not heard any “thank you” from the North, let alone become free of an edgy position on any international issues regarding the North. Too naive and too benevolent a policy toward North Korea is undermining almost every part of the South Korean regime. Ties with the United States are fading, the domestic economy is not showing significant signs of improvement, and the ideology that built South Korea is being attacked. We have given what we have to give, and it is time for the North to give something in return.

by Kim Hyo-jeong
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