[LETTERS to the editor]Showing Korea’s charming side

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[LETTERS to the editor]Showing Korea’s charming side

I am writing to express my enthusiasm for your article on McDonald’s (“Speak softly and carry a Big Mac” Feb. 9). The article was very interesting. Your paper provided the reader with information about a subculture that most of us know nothing about. You also attracted and kept the reader’s emotions by focusing on the elderly and on Mrs. Kim in particular. Another important point: I think you made a few good points for Korea. An article like yours shows readers that there are outposts of warmth and humanity in what most of us regard as a pretty cold-blooded society, beneath the charm that is always turned on for foreigners.
You might consider writing a series on such subcultures; there must be many of them. Such a series of articles would show the human side of this society and also provide readers with interesting insights into the various worlds that make up this fascinating nation.

by Isaac P. Pearson
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