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[FOUNTAIN]Selling sex talk

In the past, satires and comedies about sex used to be an escape and means of catharsis for common folk. The so-called “carnal talk” was transmitted through writing and by word of mouth. Kang Hui-maeng compiled erotic gossip and sexual tales in “Chondamhaei,” or “Country Tales That Make You Laugh Your Jaw out of Joint.” Song Se-rim’s book was titled, “Eomyeonsun,” meaning “Funny Stories: A Shield against Sleepiness,” and Seo Geo-jeong wrote “Taepyeonghanhwagolgyejeon,” or “The Amusing Stories of the Peaceful Times.” The famous “Gogeumsochong,” or “Stories that were funny in the past and are still funny today,” is a collection of 789 stories and jokes from these books, “Gimun” and “Jindamrok.”
Jeong Cheol, a master of gasa poetry, wrote a very sensual poem. “Now that I take a look, you certainly are a genuine jade. I have a gimlet of flesh, so I want to bore a hole. The genuine jade responded. I have a bellow, and I want to melt you down.” The poet sang about the primary instinct of men in this lyrical poem published in “Geunhwa Akbu.” Poet Lee Won-gyu has said that the poem contains the charm of dirty talk and literary catharsis. It is an archetype of erotic literature rather than a salacious one.
Dirty talk becomes juicier when orally stated. There are four types of oral narration ― Haeseo, Banhaeng, Haengseo, and Choseo. According to Lee Won-gyu’s “Dirty Talk,” Haeseo is a gentle way and Banhaeng is rather indecent. Haengseo and Choseo are very indecent but send you into fits of laughter.
He analyzed, “The sound of taking clothes off with the wind of the night is Haeseo. The sound of a mortar away from a mill or a fountain is Banhaeng.” Choseo is “the sound of ecstasy coming from far away in the midst of a shower.” The “carnal talk” of the past contained tantalizing expression through indirect metaphors and similes. It also implied a sense of resistance to the aristocratic yangban class. Therefore, respected scholars and aristocrats such as Lee Hwang, Lee Yi and Park Mun-su were favorite characters in these sexual tales.
Recently, the police caught mobile communication services and adult content providers that have earned several tens of billions of won from selling salacious fiction. A dozen writers of this indecent literature are also being investigated. Pornographic novels encourage moral corruption and decadence and make readers unpleasant. The private love between a man and a woman is invigorating and refreshing only when it is expressed symbolically and ambiguously as it was in the ancient books.

by Park Jai-hyun

The writer is a deputy city news editor at the JoongAng Ilbo.
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