Women sit down to talk about sex and the stage

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Women sit down to talk about sex and the stage

“La Ronde”, a musical that begins on Sept. 9 at Woongjin Thinkbig Art Hall in southern Seoul, is an adult musical, restricted to audiences 18 or older. The musical’s plot includes extra-marital affairs, and its bold dialogue repeatedly refers to sexual intercourse.
The makers of the Korean adoptation of the French musical, however, are not a bunch of sleazy guys: They’re five women.
The musical is directed by Park Hye-sun; its songwriters are Cho Min-young and Han A-reum; its composer is Jang So-young and its choreography was done by Lee Ran-young.
What would lead five women to make a musical ― few women are executives of dramatic productions ― much less such a risque one?
To elicit more honest opinions, the interviewees are identified by letters rather than their names.

Has sex changed?
B: The original piece for “La Ronde” was written by an Austrian writer and was released in the 1980s. In French, it means “rotation.” Ten characters, including a prostitute, a soldier, a young gentleman, a servant, an artist and more are tangled up in a huge relationship circle. The count sleeps with the actress, and the actress flirts with the artist, and the artist jumps into bed with the young model.
A: What was really interesting was that the episodes of the original piece are surprisingly similar to those of the Korean production in 2006. People in the past were no more gentle and elegant than people are nowadays.
C: The only change we made to “Koreanize” the original piece a bit was the feigned innocence that the female characters used.

Is sexual satisfaction more important than Platonic love?
E: In the production, the men are obsessed with the size of their genitals and how long they can perform. To women, these things are not that important. Men place importance on the physical aspects, whereas women look for emotional support, kindness and how well the man listens to her.
B: Are you sure? Isn’t this just because we have become so used to the conventional social idea that “this is how women are supposed to be like?” it’s not true for me. Size and time does matter, but it’s not everything. Women are much more complicated.

Is sex is like driving?
C: Sex is like driving. Think back to when you were just learning to drive. At first you strain to keep yourself on the road and look forward. As you became more proficient, you would slam your foot on the gas. You realize that going fast is not what driving is all about only after accidents and traffic tickets.
B: Women were only able to be so open thanks to the condom. Fear of pregnancy is always a barrier for women seeking pleasure. This is why some women prefer foreplay to intercourse. But to most men, intercourse is everything. When I meet these kind of men, I feel the urge to repeat the phrase from the musical: “Go home and get some practice.”

by Choi Min-woo
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