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[EDITORIALS]Stand up to China

The government is reacting to China’s fabrication of ancient history of the region quite leisurely. China’s intention of turning Korea’s ancient kingdoms of Buyeo, Goguryeo and Balhae into part of its own history under the pretext of historical research has clearly been revealed.
However, the Korean government has never protested it, instead working hard to calm public opinion inside the country. In particular, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade reacted in such a way that they seem to care most about protecting China.
People cannot help but wonder if Korea’s foreign ministry is acting as a spokesman for the Chinese government.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade maintained that even if it is true that the 18 research papers released by the historical research center under the Chinese government’s supervision include fabricated content about Korea’s ancient history, the Korean ministry cannot view it as the Chinese government’s official stance.
It is unreasonable for the government to complain about research products conducted by a research center, according to the Korean foreign ministry. The ministry said it would make an official reaction if the papers were actually reflected in Chinese school textbooks.
Have no doubts: The research center is definitely a state body run under support and guidelines by the Chinese government. The papers on ancient history were released in order to back a history project that Beijing has been pursuing as part of a long-term plan to glorify its ancient history.
It is irresponsible to say that it is not China’s official stance and thus the Korean government should wait until it becomes a real problem.
The government cries out for “self-reliance” against Washington. When it comes to Japan’s fabrication of its history textbooks and the issue of the Dokdo islets, even the president steps up and delivers a hard-line reaction. But as the government has done nothing about China’s beautification of its history, it deserves public scorn.
The foundation on Northeast Asian history, which is soon to be launched, censored an article that one of its researchers wrote for a media outlet. Why does the government not complain to China at all? Why does it seem afraid of China?
The government must present an active and systemic reaction to China’s attempts to fabricate the history of the region, before it is too late.
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