[LETTERS to the editor]China will pose huge challenge to U.S.

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[LETTERS to the editor]China will pose huge challenge to U.S.

Over the past two decades, the international community has witnessed China’s rapid, monumental and peaceful development.
On the path to its peaceful rise, China has embraced globalization and pursued a constructive, mutually beneficial relationship with the United States.
The implementation of various free-market policies and the opening up of private investment infused China’s economy with tremendous momentum and allowed it to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
The United States opened up its market to Chinese products and allowed China to join the World Trade Organization.
The Chinese population has supplied a tremendously huge, cheap labor force for American companies while the Unites States has provided an extensive market to Chinese products.
By forming a mutually favorable relationship with the world’s greatest power, China established itself as “the world’s greatest emerging power.”
This tie between the United States and China strengthened, especially after the 9/11 attacks. The traumatic incident taught the United States the significance of fluid and pragmatic alliances between states.
Washington saw its strategic and diplomatic interests served by its newly strengthened partnership with Beijing particularly in dealing with issues regarding North Korea. Because of their growing economic interdependence, maintaining sound Sino-U.S. relations has been of great interest to both countries.
However, while China has seen itself propelled toward great power status, the United States’ primary objective has always been preventing any single country from gaining overwhelming power in Asia.
Some argue that these two great powers are likely to confront and balance each other’s power on the issue of Taiwan’s independence.
There is also a continuing dispute over China’s violations of human rights, demonstrated at Tiananmen Square in June 1989, which will continue to affect Sino-U.S. relations.
The United States, therefore, should carefully re-examine its relationship with China in order to protect its economic and strategic interests and prevent the waking “dragon” from further mobilizing toward Asian hegemony.
Washington should be aware, however, that when the dragon fully wakes up from its long sleep, it will pose an unprecedented challenge to the United States.

by Hee Je Cho
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