[LETTERS to the editor]Nuclear test deserves strong response

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[LETTERS to the editor]Nuclear test deserves strong response

The Sunshine Policy of the Roh government is an abject failure and should be discontinued. What positive changes has it made in 10 years for the suffering people of North Korea? It is so lame for Mr. Roh to say he “will make a discreet decision while closely consulting with the authorities involved and political leaders,” in Byun Sang-keun’s article. Why does he need to be discreet about it? Hoping the issue blows over and business as usual continues?
North Korea humiliated Japan years ago by firing a missile over that country, and now it has humiliated China by announcing a nuclear test. Humiliating two giants seems a poor strategy, but that is why the regime is isolated. It is a basket case economically and culturally. South Korea should cordon off North Korea like Japan wants to so it collapses, because it will, sooner or later. I give it a maximum of 32 months.

by Ben Griffin
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