[FOUNTAIN]A disturbed blame game

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[FOUNTAIN]A disturbed blame game

A distinctive feature displayed by children after they have caused an accident is lying about it, regardless of whether it was small or large. After passing this stage, they start blaming other people in order to avoid responsibility. This is a common phenomenon of childhood and developmental psychologists see blaming as an essential stage in language and cognitive development.
However, after becoming an adult, if people continue blaming, complaining and being dissatisfied with others, they probably need psychological treatment. Emotional instability, losing control of impulsive behavior, human relationships that swing from love to hate or lack of self-awareness are all part of what psychology calls a borderline personality disorder. Among these, the most serious of all is outrageous borderline personality disorder. These people have a double personality and seek other people’s love, but when it is received they reject it immediately. And when the other person is saddened by the rejection they start downgrading them and treat them with hostility. If these actions continue and the injured person continues to feel hurt the person with the disorder will react with complaints and blame.
Management consultant, Gerald Weinberg, says the flow of blame within an organization is a measurement of that organization’s health. When blame flows from bottom to top that is where the top holds responsibility within the organization; therefore a trifling failure is not a big problem. However, a top- down flow is where the executives blame the people below them and will not take responsibility for anything. This is a sign the organization will fail.
These days, the blame game is popular with the Blue House and our politicians. These people are busy blaming others and avoiding responsibility. The Blue House blames the construction companies, financial institutes, real estate brokers and the media for the failure of its real estate policies. Actually, the government has continuously blamed others whenever a situation has become hard to solve. They say the stagnant economy is the responsibility of the former government, poor reform is due to the conservative media and the North Korea nuclear issue is the fault of the U.S. Since it keeps avoiding responsibility for everything and continues to blame others, we can assume some kind of personality disorder. Furthermore, the governing party is now blaming the Blue House, which is neither top-down nor down-top but an omni-directional blaming game. We now have to wait and see if it will be total failure or not.

*The writer is an editorial writer
of the JoongAng Ilbo.

by Kim Jong-soo
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