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[EDITORIALS]No place for amateurs

The government presented new real estate policies only one day after government officials in charge of the unsuccessful real estate policies, including Minister of Construction Choo Byung-jik, revealed their intent to resign.
This is the eighth major policy the administration has presented so far. One government official explained that all possible research was collected to design this new version.
Regrettably, experts in the market again predict that these new measures will not be very effective and will likely produce new side effects.
On the same day, the Fair Trade Commission presented an amendment of a regulation to limit corporate investment. In the revised version, the bans on circular investment the government has persistently pursued have been erased. Only a limited number of corporations under the regulation, which was designed to limit the total amount of corporate investment, were erased from the list.
After months of exhaustive debate, the regulations were revised with little effect. It is hard to understand why a fancy task force was formed for this and why the government made businessmen worried and nervous all along the way.
Why do all government policies always fail?
It is regretful that everything the taxpayer-paid civil officers do is either useless or harmful to the people.
The reason is that government officials design policies not for the people and the country, but for the president.
Once hired by the administration, even a decent person abandons his or her convictions and tries to please the president and the administration. Government officials do not say anything when government measures are wrong because they fear going against the president and the Blue House.
If things persist, the replacement of a couple of leaders will not help repair the failed policies. That will only hide problems on the surface or produce more useless or worthless regulations.
Government policies will keep failing unless the president changes his ideas and unless close aides to the president ― who used to be student activists ― correct extreme ideologies.
To avoid making the same mistakes again, government policies should be taken out of the hands of non-experts at the Blue House who stick to extreme ideologies. Unless the government wants to continue to fail, it should replace them with experts.
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