19 reasons for making fun out of celebrities

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19 reasons for making fun out of celebrities

It’s the entertainment chart show everyone wanted, but which no one dared to make. The press release for the cable TV talk show “Jae-yong’s Pure Nineteen” declares it is “unrivaled and unchallenged, compared to other entertainment programs.”

It could be, considering that the show, produced by Mnet, has been true to its promise to be the most “roughish” and “honest” show on air by giving ratings for crazy things like which actress has the best nose job, or which starlet looks worse in a bathing suit.
Such sensational items have kept the Korean Broadcasting Commission busy and they have given the show several warnings for its risque content. Nonetheless, the show will air its 40th episode tomorrow and it is so popular that other cable channels are re-running its previous episodes.
Every Wednesday night, Jung Jae-yong, a former rapper, appears to announce the program’s notorious “chart” and it is closely watched by the KBC.
“There have been mishaps and some criticism, but the broadcasting company has absolutely no plans to close down our program,” said Kim Tae-eun, the producer of the show.
The program was warned again recently for running a clip of two punk rockers pulling down their pants on air. The clip in question had been initially aired last year on another show and the local network suspended the offending program.
But the female producer remains in a positive mood. She explained she received a 10-million-won ($10,651) bonus from the company earlier this year for making a “good program.”
“We have a very small budget so we don’t even have a teleprompter operator,” she said. “We bought a laptop with the bonus money.”
The crew members don’t complain much about their inferior work environment, the producer said. She is 27, making her the oldest member in the group except for the rapper, who is 33, which makes the show young and creative.
Ms. Kim says they have more fun when they work. Instead of regular meetings, they never stop having discussions and when a good idea pops up, it is used instantly.
Even on the day of rehearsal the cast was joking around about a wig and a Chinese costume that had disappeared. They giggled to themselves as they dug through a box of wild costumes until they decided that Jung should dress up as “Captain Jack Sparrow” for the next show.
And so he did.
“I sometimes find myself hiding when I see celebrities I have mocked walking around in other broadcasting studios,” rapper Jung said, laughing. Although he does not care too much and he said that he can’t worry if younger pop stars hate him for making fun of them on television.
The “Jae-yong’s Pure Nineteen” crew is going to Bangkok, Thailand next week for a special episode. It is their first time filming abroad, they say.
“I hope we do not end up humiliating ourselves internationally,” Ms. Kim joked.

by Ghang Seung-min,Lee Min-a
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