Over 1 million mistakes

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Over 1 million mistakes

Last year, the number of people who were at home “resting” without suffering from a disability or some other impediment reached 1.27 million. There were 1.03 million men in this figure, marking the first time the number of “resting jobless males” has exceeded 1 million.
Most of them have given up finding jobs and they are not counted as unemployed in the official statistics. Many among them are in their 20s, an age when people are supposed to work hard, or people with a college education.
The fact that these people have no jobs is a misfortune for them and their families and a great loss for the entire country. As the number of people in this predicament has grown, so enervation and antisocial sentiment has increased. They represent over a million mistakes in economic policy and are a blot on the government’s record.
It is very unlikely that these people planned to be unemployed when they went to college. They have probably stopped seeking jobs because they were tired of applying and getting turned down.
The essential problem is that the numbers of decent jobs available has diminished. Around 67,000 jobs disappeared from manufacturing in the last year alone.
That’s the result of the government’s over-regulation of business, which caused the economy to slow down. If the number of jobs falls, increasing the ranks of the poor, it is useless to have a debate about fair distribution of wealth or balanced development in different regions.
The government was obsessed with its ideologies, pushing more than a million people into their homes. The government is blind to core problems and simply says it will create a certain number of jobs. A report by the National Assembly Budget Office reveals that the jobs the government has created are an illusion.
For the 520,000 jobs that the government says it has created, the average monthly wage is 420,000 won ($450). The jobs were mostly temporary and few lasted more than eight months. The government claims that the economy is fine but the jobs that it created were completely flimsy. Government projects to create jobs overlapped across many government bodies, resulting in a waste of money. It is the job of business to create jobs. The government should help businesses create more jobs. In an environment where more than a million people have given up the search for work, the government has no defense for its failed policies.
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